Capricorn Products, Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace, was started in response to filling the sleep needs of people like yourself. Maybe you've experienced trouble sleeping due to weight on your feet, or recently had surgery and were required to sleep on your back with one of those sponge wedges between your legs. Well, ToeSpace can help lift those blankets and support them up off your feet and give your feet plenty of room, or just as a sleep aid to relieve the pressure from the bedcovers.   

Fans of Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace say they love the extra foot room and ToeSpace. 

ToeSpace is not flimsy like some of the ones advertised.  ToeSpace is sturdy enough for bedcovers and recomended for the sole purpose of a blanket support and lift.  (See limitations below).  Busy feet and restless legs have plenty of room to move around.  Blankets and bedcovers no longer are heavy on your toes. The weight is lifted.   Once you try Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace, we hope you like it.  

ToeSpace is not recommended for children under 12 years of age. 

Product Note: Product is made of furniture grade PVC tubes as purchased from the manufacturer. Capricorn/ToeSpace/Cornerstone is not a manufacturer of PVC tubes and cannot control product variables. Size measurements are approximate and vary according to manufacturers' PVC product. 

Right to modify product:  We reserve the right to modify ToeSpace products as warranted without notice. See additional limitations below.

 A ToeSpace in the Right Place is a Good Space!


Payment:   PayPal, the most secure site. Why PayPal? Your information is safe; credit card information is private and is not revealed to anyone even the merchant. Please email us using the e-speed comment sheet if you have any questions. Use your PayPal account or major credit card. You do not need a PayPal account in order to purchase. Major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. Just click on the "don't have a PayPal account?" button when you're checking out at the store. The shopping cart will bring up a separate page where credit card information can be entered.  PayPal processes all payment transactions regardless of the type of credit, debit card transaction. PayPal governing rules and policies apply. A bonified sale is not initiated or final until payment confirmation is verified and received from PayPal. 

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The Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace is shipped to all areas of the United States using USPS Priority as standard shipping method for most deliveries where USPS is deliverable and at a low flat rate. We reserve the right to use various shipping alternative sources in order to keep costs low and USPS deliverability.  Trackable shipping with signature verification and delivery to your home or office site is available for extra charge. If signing signature is required, additional UPS or USPS charge is applicable.   No international shipments are made.  Regular UPS or USPS shipping method is employed with a standard ground  or priority classification (no signing signature required). Shipping charges do apply on each unit (unless listed under separate limited promotion) and are itemized through our secure PayPal site. A flat rate is used for single unit purchases. (Incremental $7.00-$10.00 increases apply according to each additional / multiple unit. Calculated on total order to cover increased shipping materials, weight and cost.  We reserve the right to adjust shipping rates and ship dates without notice. A variable rate based on weight and location may be used for multiple or large quantity orders.  Processing time is approximately 24 to 48 hours from payment validation by PayPal and delivery time is approximately 4-7 days from date of PayPal payment verification, not including Sundays and holidays or other dates when the shipping entity does not operate.  In the event periodic shipping delays occur, due to product availability, shipper problems due to weather or unforseeable circumstances or other shipping issues,  reasonable attempt will be made to ship product as quickly as possible.  Please contact us should you have any questions. 

Guarantees and Limitations:

We hope you enjoy the benefits of the ToeSpace. Due to its simplicity, it is not designed for anything but which it is being represented as, i.e., bedcover / bedlinen lift  and support to allow free flowing space for your feet and toes under the predetermined width of each unit as designed.  CAUTION: ToeSpace is not designed to be used as a brace of any kind, crutch, railing or similar support device of any kind.  You are strongly advised  not to use the ToeSpace as a bracing support of any kind nor change or modify the unit in any respect will void all warranties, guaranties. ToeSpace is not designed to carry the impact of the weight of a body and is not represented or sold as such.  ToeSpace is not designed to be used with a waterbed and is not represented or sold as such. TOESPACE  IS  RECOMMENDED  FOR PEOPLE OVER  TWELVE YEARS OF AGE UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION.  All warranties, guarantees individual or several are immediately void if product is used for any purpose other than a bedcover or bedlinen support lift as specified herein. Customer releases Company as indicated on this website or other from all liability whatsoever if customer uses or modifies product in anyway. The ToeSpace is guaranteed under the above conditions for a limited period of 30 days from purchase for full replacement, less shipping and handling, so long as the ToeSpace was a first-time purchase through www.toespace.com used in accordance with the above limitations, see specifics below. No third party product transactions are valid or included in warranty or guarantee. (see below)  Purchasing through ToeSpace website, www.toespace.com, in conjunction with PayPal processing, all guarantees and limitations therein apply. (Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice)  Website terms/conditions inclusive. If any part of this policy is found to be invalid, the rest of the policy remains valid. All product is sold and customer agrees, by purchase thereof, to terms and conditions contained in this website, shop cart and PayPal. In the event of a lawsuit against Company, any and all lawsuits have to be filed in the Company's area and city and county of business. No other area is allowed or acknowledged. Additional terms and conditions contained elsewhere in this website apply. Company maintains the right to update and change requirements and warranties at any time. 


As provided in Guarantees and Limitations section above, ToeSpace can be returned for full refund or replacement, less shipping and handling, within the first 30 days from purchase from ToeSpace. If unit is damaged in transit, return the damaged unit for refund or replacement.  If you purchased your ToeSpace through this main website, www.toespace.com, all legal specifications and warranties associated with this website apply. You must provide your valid purchase receipt from www.toespace.com. Only first time, direct, purchases from ToeSpace, Capricorn Products have warranty and guarantee provisions herein.   If you did not purchase your ToeSpace directly from ToeSpace, Capricorn Products, warranties and guarantees do not apply. Only direct ToeSpace purchases herein have full warranty and guarantee protection.  Any third party purchases, sales or associations are expressly excluded. ToeSpace does not assume liability for products not purchased herein or such products not used in accordance with guarantees and limitations above.